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                    Coffe And Cigarettes Chords by Augustana, 

The song is only a few chords you just have to alternate strumming and picking but for 
i'll just leave you with the chords

G(picking higher strings using G as bass note)
wake up take your pills dear

G                   Am
I know this time of year aint
C          G(picking)
right for you

you came with a sickness
shotdown back at christmas
Am   C     G
kamikazee rain

for the next part rundown the C chord while playing to end at Am again

Cadd rundown to B then Am
and i know you lost the weight again
and i know the pills keep pourin in...

then faster for the end
but same idea as above

Crundown to Am
put me on a pane fly me to anywhere                    

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