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                    Tabbed by: Mark Peters

This is a brand new song by Augustana, that hasn't even been released yet i don't think.
a big big big fan of there stuff. Luckily i got to hear this song (not live
they shud come to UK though!) and figured out pretty quick how to play it. So thought 
share it. It's a pretty cool song that tells a story that you can really follow and when it
you just think, wow! that was cool! Goes on for around 7:30, but the patterns are the 
all the way through really, there's not much complexity to it, which makes it great! Not 
whether there are two guitars playing or just the one??

Not certain on whether he strums or picks, that's why im unsure of whether it's two
or one! So i put down both strummed and arpeggiated (for one guitar)

Also, if you've heard the song, it kind of mellows in to one whole song with no stated
hopefully you'll get what i mean when you play along.

Tuning: Standard - *Capo 2*

1st Part of Verses (strummed)


2nd Part of Verse (strummed)

G|---------------2------------------------0---(BACK TO 1st Pattern)--|

---------------THE END-----------------

1st Part Of Verses (Arpeggiated at reasonable tempo)


2nd Part of Verse (arpeggiated) - (after vibrato arpeggiate fast or you can miss it out,
you wish. It's really unnoticeable anyway!)

D|----0--------------0------------------------------(BACK TO 1st PATTERN)--|

LYRICS (7:36)

I pull up my blanket
Up to my ears
In an old irish prison
Stained with tears

Im trapped in a jail cell
Black and grey
But i aint afraid man
So see that i leave

But i aint been locked here
More than my crime
He used to be walking
With faith by my side

I went and lost it
On a warm summer night
The night that i saw him
With the devil's blue eyes

See i was a good man
A long time ago
Born and raised in surreals ??
New Mexico

See i had a mother
Sweet as could be
She said son don't you follow
Your daddy's bad ways

So i found a woman
She was my wife
We made a living
And a beautiful child

Damn we were happy
With plenty of cash
But then my sweet lord
Took my babies and left

See I was just walking
On a cold winter eve
Took the train home then
And took out my keys

Unlocked the front door
Only to find
My wife and my babies
And the blood had run dry

He raped them and shot them
And shot them through twice
I screamed through the ceiling
And ran through the house

I saw his face covered
With the blood of my wife
That's when i saw him
With the devils blue eyes

And before i could catch him
He had escaped
I got on my knees
And i started to pray

I said what have we done here
To deserve such pain
Sweet lord you're a liar
And i'm alone once again

Lord if i may ask you
For one simple thing
I'd pray that i'd find him
You did these deeds

I'd kill that man slowly
So he no longer breathes
Oh and if i am hell bound
Then so let it be

Some 40 years later
I was barely alive
Travelling the world
With revenge by my side

I was passing by Dublin
With a carnival ride
And that's when i saw him
With the devil's blue eyes

It took me a moment
To round supplies
So i pulled out my black gun
And i shot him through twice

He fell down quite slowly
No resistance or tears
He looked in to my eyes
And then it was clear

As i watched him there dying
A thought came to mind
What good had i done here
I'd taken his life

As blood run across me
And soaked me through, right
Then i'd become
The Devil's blue eyes

So i pull up my blanket
Up to my ears
In an old irish prison
Stained with tears

And although i've done wrong
And cursed the skies
So now i will die here
With the Devil's blue eyes


| /  slide up
| \  slide down
| h  hammer-on
| p  pull-off
| ~  vibrato
| +  harmonic
| x  Mute note

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